17.02.2024 Valentines Feast Night

17.02.2024 Valentines Feast Night

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Experience an evening of indulgent food and drink at our signature Feast Nights at Ballintaggart Farm.

Enjoy large sharing bowls of delicious seasonal dishes from Scottish producers, and discover unique wines chosen to pair perfectly with your meal.

Our long dining table is the perfect place to share a night with friends and loved ones, and a wonderful opportunity to meet new people too, as you pass dishes along the table.

For 2024 we’re taking our Feast Nights back to where we began. Simple dishes made with outstanding produce, shared generously amongst friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


To welcome

Ballintaggart sourdough, whipped honey butter, Perello olives, Great Glen charcuterie, Cullisse rapeseed oil 



Jerusalem artichoke, miso butter, kale, sesame



Scallop, cod, clam and tomato stew, sourdough



Bavette steak, BBQ tenderstem,  anchovy mash, salsa verde   



Strathtay honey and yogurt cheesecake, white chocolate, thyme