A whole lot of love

A whole lot of love

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We’ve put together this delicious gift box to enjoy with those you love, date night or to simply send some love across the UK, if you needed an excuse.

Begin by lighting the room and setting the atmosphere with a beautiful box of lux matches ( designs may vary with season) and a wee Laura Thomas pure soy wax and essential oil candle, handmade in East Lothian.

Mix a Ballintaggart Foraged Gin (and tonic) for a literal taste of Ballintaggart at home with botanicals including meadowsweet, nasturtium and lovage. It’s fresh and peppery, best garnished with orange.

Nibble on a wee bar of Bare Bones chocolate and wash it all down with a fruity and fantastic Sweet Scottish Smooch Cranachan soda by Rapscallion.

Each box will be presented in a simple ribbon tied cardboard box, packed with care.